Rupert Lloyd Thomas

My name is Rupert Lloyd Thomas. I am a writer and author, living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

I've written a book called Goodbye, George.

This book is the true story of the first policeman to be murdered in the province of Alberta. Constable George Ernest Willmett died in the line of duty on April 12, 1908, in Frank, Alberta. A cousin to the author, he was blasted with a shotgun after serving only eleven months in the Royal North West Mounted Police.

The book tells the story of the little policeman and all those connected with the case, including the murderer Fritz Eberts, right up until his death by natural causes in British Columbia in 1950. The flavour of the Old West is brought out, involving roughneck miners and prostitutes in shootings, an axe-murder, and a jailbreak, all in the shadow of the gallows located at Fort Macleod.

I visited the following places while researching material for the book: England, Wales, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, New York State, New Brunswick, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, Montana, Wyoming, Nevada, and Arizona. I wrote the book to bring back to life a story that has been largely forgotten. I wanted to add my personal contribution to the history of the West, with much fresh material from primary sources not published elsewhere. I also wanted to set the record straight where the story has been previously misrepresented.

I have tried to broaden the appeal of the book by including information on characters who played a part in the town of Frank, Alberta. For example, information on the founders of Frank, the Pinkerton National Detective Agency and the Thiel Detective Service Company were included to widen the appeal of the book to a United States audience. Folks in bookshops and tourist information offices in Alberta [The Frank Slide Centre, Crowsnest Museum] and Montana are often asking me when the book will be available.

In these wiki pages I am publishing information, from my research, about some great characters from the old wild west. Some of this material didn't make it through the edit process, being peripheral to the main story.

There is also some information about motor cars.

Brief biography of author:

Rupert Lloyd Thomas, 62, is a graduate of Durham University in the north of England. He spent 27 years working as a bureaucrat in the UK, which he does not like to talk about. He has worked as a freelance sports journalist covering motor racing; publications include The Daily Telegraph and the South China Morning Post. Each fall he hosts a daily talk show on the cult Sussex radio station Rocket FM in England. Currently based in Toronto he spends his time writing and travelling. He has driven his smart car down Route 66 from Chicago to Los Angeles. This is his first book.